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In-mold Fluorination

The Challenge (Product: F-Style)

HDPE is a great polymer for so many packaging application, but there are limitations when working with hard-to-hold chemicals or oil-based solvent products. That’s where fluorination comes into play. Post-fluorination is one option, but there are multiple negatives associated with it, like increased application costs, delivery delays, increased chance of bottle damage and discoloration.  Many brand owners and fillers have come to Pretium looking for a better solution.

The Solution

Pretium’s patented in-mold fluorination process allows the interior, unpigmented virgin HDPE resin surface to be treated, while the external layer is unaffected.  Additionally, the treated surface is highly resistant to deterioration from chemical attack or mechanical abrasion.  Producing the containers in one-step also means that Pretium is able to do onsite barrier testing to ensure that the containers meet the Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines for acceptable solvent permeability (weight loss).  In-mold fluorination provides significant benefits to packagers, enabling them use HDPE containers to contain solvents that otherwise would require a metal or glass container.

The Results

Pretium’s in-mold fluorination enables lightweight HDPE to be used in applications such as insecticides, herbicides, cleaning solvents, agricultural chemicals and petroleum-based products, including gas additives, diesel fuel conditioners, and more. Pretium has a wide range of stock in-mold fluorinated container options to offer companies interested in packaging challenging liquids.  Additionally, Pretium frequently works with brand owners to develop custom containers for these applications—ranging from 15 ounces to 2.5 gallons.