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Our preform library allows us to blow mold PET bottles in sizes from 6 to 128 oz. in virtually any shape and color. In addition, we sell preforms in a variety of stock sizes, sold in gaylord quantity. 


Unlike preforms utilized for single- stage (in-line) processes, each Pretium Packaging preform for two-stage injection-stretch blow molding processes can produce bottles in a wider range of heights, widths, shapes and sizes. Pretium Packaging preforms are also smaller than conventional preforms for the purpose of increasing blow ratios, which increases the orientation of PET molecules and wall strength of the container, while decreasing weight.


The result is a selection that supports a virtually unlimited range of blow mold tooling, as well as preforms that process easily and deliver everything you look for in a PET container: uniform wall thickness, consistent coloration, unwavering quality and unsurpassed performance.


Sizes from 6 to 128 oz

Standard and custom colors available.

Supports a virtually unlimited range of blow mold tooling

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