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The Challenge (Product: Spice Containers)

When companies are looking to solve a packaging problem usually there are multiple factors—some of which may contradict the other—that have to be resolved. That was exactly the case for a private label manufacturer/packager that had won the spice business for a national grocery chain.

The Solution

Initially, the decision was made to use Pretium’s stock 8.5 ounce PET spice bottle for the line. However, in order to comply with label panel and product-fill targets and fit into an existing retail dispenser, it quickly became evident that a custom bottle design was needed. Bottles are packed on their side into a vertical dispenser placed on the retail shelf. When a consumer removes one bottle, the others roll forward so that the display always looks full. Using Pretium’s significant engineering expertise, a custom 8.5 fluid ounce bottle was designed and created with a 53mm/485 finish that could accommodate the entire spice line. In addition Pretium was able to meet the exact fill standards.

The Results

The bottle is now consistent in appearance, meets quality objectives and is manufactured under stringent Food & Drug Administration food safety compliance. The grocer is very pleased with the solution and will continue to offer its spice line to a greater number of consumers as it moves forward with its retail location expansion plans.