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Our Capabilities

Pretium Packaging offers a variety of creative packaging solutions, and we do so with consistency, quality, and cost-effectiveness in mind. We listen and then apply our expertise in the form of market insights, the latest bottle and closure technology, supreme quality management and outstanding customer service. Our customers know they can always count on Pretium to provide the kind of innovative packaging solutions that will enhance their products’ brand identity.


Our 19 production facilities use the latest software, automation and quality assurance protocols to deliver creative, cost-effective and reliable products to our customers. From prototype development through production scale-up to consistent on-time delivery, we strive to exceed your expectations at every turn. For our customers’ convenience, we maintain a deep inventory of popular molds and a wide selection of Everyday stock container options that can significantly cut your products’ speed to market.


Our capabilities include:


Custom bottle / Creative Design

More than 600 stock bottle options (10cc to 12L)

Technical containers and components (plugs, tubes, cartridges, etc.)

Preform library to produce 6 to 128 oz. PET bottles

Decorating options

In-mold fluorinated HDPE containers (PRETreat™)

ISO 9001-2008 / ISO 13485

GMPs, HACCP and food safety standards


PET Two-Stage hot capacity in the Southeast to support the growing demand from the condiment, sauce and dressing market, as well as increased supply requirements from the beverage category (ready-to-drink teas, energy drinks, coffee, etc.). This includes many neck sizes from 24mm to 45mm, bottle sizes from 6oz to 2L and temperatures up to 185 degrees.

Hot Fill

In-Mold Fluorination / PreTreat™

HDPE is a great polymer for so many packaging application, but there are limitations when working with hard-to-hold chemicals or oil-based solvent products. That’s where fluorination comes into play. Post-fluorination is one option, but there are multiple negatives associated with it, like increased application costs, delivery delays, increased chance of bottle damage and discoloration. Many brand owners and fillers have come to Pretium looking for a better solution.

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Delivery Solutions

Costco had been marketing its nut line in a 73-ounce, wide mouth (110 mm) round PET jar. The company wanted to maximize the number of containers it could fit on a 40 x 48-inch pallet, as well as enhance its shelf facing for improved brand billboarding.  It was also looking to drive cost out of the container to improve its profitability.

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Retail Packaging

When companies are looking to solve a packaging problem usually there are multiple factors—some of which may contradict the other—that have to be resolved. That was exactly the case for a private label manufacturer/packager that had won the spice business for a national grocery chain. Here’s how Pretium Packaging helped them meet their goals.

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