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The Challenge (Product: 73 oz. Costco)

Costco had been marketing its nut line in a 73-ounce, wide mouth (110 mm) round PET jar.  The company wanted to maximize the number of containers it could fit on a 40 x 48-inch pallet, as well as enhance its shelf facing for improved brand billboarding.  It was also looking to drive cost out of the container to improve its profitability.

The Solution

Pretium took a look at every aspect of the container geometry so that it could come up with a solution that addressed the pallet profile and shelf facings, as well as deliver key performance attributes. These included top load requirements, structural stability, a finish that could accommodate an induction seal and threads that would facilitate closure removal and reapplication.  Pretium engineered a square jar with corners that incorporate structural ribs to meet top load requirements.  Pretium also discovered it could improve finish functionality by modifying the thread.  Throughout the entire process, Pretium also looked for ways to remove weight from the container without affecting any of the desired functional attributes. 

The Results

Pretium designed a square jar with proprietary technology that resulted in a substantial reduction in container gram weight and improved production efficiency.   The new container design also delivered the desired palletizing objectives, resulting in significantly less truck space, reduced the number of shipments and related freight costs, as well as CO2 emissions.